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Promoting a culture of philanthropy on a college campus can be difficult at times. With such a large student population, it’s not so easy to come up with fresh ideas that will engage the student body especially when you know the sole purpose of the fundraiser is to help out a cause that you or your club/organization is very passionate about. On the bright side, there are so many different fundraising ideas available as well as a variety of ways to alter them so that they can be unique to your campus. Take a look at some of these popular fundraising ideas that you can use for your school.


Large Giveaways

This one may seem overdone, but it is always a popular option. The concept is fairly simple as well. You will want to get a pretty valuable item such as a large tv, or a big money gift card (preferably donated). Then, you have participants enter a contest where every donation they make can equal an entry in the giveaway for the prize. This event can always be spun to make it more enticing for people to participate. For example, for every dollar amount some donates, that can translate into a raffle ticket for the prize. So if someone donates $20, they would receive 20 raffle tickets. Or you can make it a competition where the individual/team that raises the most funds will receive the grand prize.


Battle of the Bands

A battle of the bands to raise awareness and funds for your particular cause is an event that never disappoints. This is a fun way to get many people on campus involved for a great time while raising necessary funds at the same time. The money can come in a variety of ways from registration fees for band entry, ticket sales, to crowdfunding donations that are raised by the acts and their fans as a means to cast their votes. You can even throw in a raffle or two in the mix and put the money made from those ticket sales to your cause as well.


Carnival/Holiday Festival

This is an incredible option if you have resources to pull it off, but hosting some kind of carnival or festival is a fantastic way to raise money for a cause. There are a wide variety of events you can have at this carnival as well. You can have a dunk tank with a captain of a sports team or a faculty member who is willing to give their support. You can also have games like a ring toss or a potato sack race. To make sure that you are fulfilling your purpose and raising funds, you can charge entry for each event and to ensure participation, have small prizes for some of the games, so there is a mutual benefit for all parties. Plus, if you want to make it festive, cater the event towards the holidays. You can have a bobbing for apple station for the fall or Christmas cookie decorations in the winter. There are many different avenues you can take with this option, and it has to potential to reap strong benefits for everyone involved.