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Working for a nonprofit organization can be a very enriching experience that potentially changes your life. However, just like any other industry, there are some misconceptions about the job. Whether it involves the salary (or lack thereof), the notion of being nothing more than a volunteer, or even that you work in a laid-back environment with little to no stress. Regardless of what the speculation is, some people seem to have the wrong idea about working for a nonprofit and it may sometimes sway people in the opposite direction. Take a look at some of the most common misconceptions that surround working in the nonprofit sector.


You Won’t Make A Lot of Money

This common misconception comes from the notion of people not understanding what it means to be a 501(c)(3) which is the tax-exempt identification required to obtain nonprofit status. Acquiring such status does not refrain a nonprofit organization from making money. All it truly means is that the money it does make must go toward their mission. Based on this fact, a lot of people assume that if you work for a nonprofit, you will not make a lot of money. However, the amount of money you can make may depend on a couple of factors like the position you have and the organization you are working for. If you are working for a very big organization with an important position, you can make a decent living.


Working In A Nonprofit Means You’re A Volunteer

While it is true that a lot of the work involved with nonprofit organizations is volunteer work, this is still a common misconception about the industry. Just like any for-profit business, a nonprofit organization will also need people to do tasks such as accounting, marketing, management, and much more. So, volunteers may perform some of the direct services for the organization, but there are a lot of other behind the scenes duties that come from full-time professionals. With that in mind, there is a lot more to do with a nonprofit than just volunteering which adds to the allure of working in this industry because of the versatility of what you can do.


Nonprofits Are A Laid-Back Work Environment

Nonprofit organizations are just like any other sector in the sense that the work environment will vary based on the organization you are working in. Each one will have a different work environment whether it is casual or more professional. A lot of it may be due to the organization and what their mission is and how they go about accomplishing it. You will find that some small organizations have a more laid-back feel than a major organization where there are a lot more eyes on them and what they are doing. At the end of the day, regardless of the work environment, the work of a nonprofit is challenging and requires a great amount of effort.